This Style Keeps The Shawl From Falling Off Your Shoulders.


We offer a variety of scarves for women including: Sequin scarves, floral prints, Winter scarves, spring Made in Italy, this cashmere-and-silk-blend pashmina is designed with an ocelot print that gives it an exotic look., Pashmina invites Maxwell, Panda and Sandy to the Clubhouse. Because there is no consistently understood definition of the term “pashmina,” CCMI regards the use of the term in sign age or promotional literature for cashmere and silk blends, to be misleading. This style keeps the shawl from falling off your shoulders. If the item contains only cashmere, it should be labelled 100% Cashmere or All Cashmere. Kashmir in India has prevailed in an epic trade dispute with the result that the word “pashmina” is considered to belong to Kashmir cashmere producers. The term “pashmina” does not refer to cashmere and silk. Afterwards, it seems to gradually be forgotten.